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rainy day dunny

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A quick post on a dunny I never knew I wanted... This is Jon Burgerman's Rainy Day Dunny, released as a special item by Kid Robot, and only availble in stores on rainy days. How cool is that!?! Burgerman had already designed a rain-themed dunny for his contribution to the Ye Olde English series in 2009, and just introduced a deviation in colour, with some stylistic changes.

I so would have kept my galoshes by the door in the hopes of rain so that I could run out and get one. There are only 1000 of him out there, so if you stumble on one, you know where to send him :)  He's lovely.


Donovan said...

Wow @ngelonfilm blog spot is all new and shiney MMMMmmmm

@ngel said...

indeed :) now it just needs more regulars updating

@ngel said...

*regular, not regulars

Donovan said...

LOL freudian slip ???

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