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poor little fishy

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Years ago I read a factoid that said every time you flush the loo, you're using 22 litres of water. 22 litres. Exactly. The number stuck with me, and I'm very aware every time I use the bathroom now of just how much water I'm flushing away. If hubby flushes a piece of tissue paper, it freaks me out. It's such a waste of water for something that could go in the bin. Little things stick and they help.

And thats the idea behind Poor Little Fish, a washing basin that makes you quite aware of how much water you're using every time you turn on the tap. Above the basin is a fish bowl with a little goldfish swimming in it. As you let the water run, some very clever piping makes fishy's water level go down in sync with your water use. Use too much, and fishy drowns! (if he can drown in air that is? suffocates?)

The water you're washing your hands with isn't the same as the water in the bowl, but its quantities are perfectly tied, so you cannot get away from the affect you're having on little fishy. Check out how it works here. It's very smart, and actually quite pretty. I'd put this in my restaurant bathroom...

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