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Recently, hubby surprised me with the gift of the year (ask any digital blogger). An iPad! What every girl wants, right? Ignoring all the hype, the fact that I *love* apple, and that it's a first generation product many nay sayers said would need improving - it's awesome!

In the short time I've had it, we've become joined at the hip. And through the usual barrage of useful/fun/amazing apps, I'm able to turn it more and more in to my must-have daily companion. I watch TV on it, read books, shop on eBay (but more about that later), keep up with facebook and twitter, play games, store presentations, display photos, check mail, and get tailor-made news from all my favourite blogs and websites. Tailor-made being the key. It personalizes everything I need and actually becomes a completely customized tool through the apps that I choose to load. My iPad is a very different creature from hubby's iPad.

I'll blog my list of favourite apps soon for those who don't want to browse the store for days on end *hoping* for something useful. But for now, I have to go check what the exchange rate is so I can do some more shopping on eBay ;)

*sent from my iPad

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