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dunny 2010

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If you're even vaguely in to vinyl toys, you'll know by now that today is the release date for the Dunny 2010 series. It's probably the most hyped series I've ever seen, with pre-release "leaks", an advent calendar of designs and pre-sales live on eBay for months. Craziness!

But it's more a reflection of the growing industry of vinyl toys I think, than of a series that is a fabulous feat in design. Don't get me wrong - there are some awesome critters in this series, but no more awesome than the critters that have come before them.

Despite knowing that, I've bought in to the hype, and I wait with anticipation. I'm also jealous as hell of those lucky enough to be in Cape Town right now for the launch party. Bastards. But never you mind... the eBay trawling has begun... *evil laugh*

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