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So R and i went to Dullstroom over the weekend so he could do some mountain bike training. I was looking for somewhere to relax and read while he was out. A girl's lazy weekend on the couch.
I found a spot that looked charming and cozy enough online, and off we went to Auldstone house.

Unfortunately while its mentioned on their website that Auldstone house is on the main road, what you have to realise is that the main road is a truck thoroughfare - it only quietens down at night and on Sunday. Not something you'd think of when going to a tiny town like Dullstroom.

But that's not what really bugged me...

While sitting there on Saturday morning, i received a marketing text message from Auldstone House advertising their whiskey tasting nights. I'd only arrived the night before, and wasn't going to be there come Wednesday, so huh?
I also didn't request marketing messages, or give permission for them to use my mobile number for that purpose. When i mentioned this in a survey i was asked by Auldstone to fill in, i received a prompt reply from Dullstroom Reservations telling me that "More often than not we have guests thanking us for introducing them to such a unique experience, most of our guests are really pleasant." Excuse me!? No, "thank you, noted, we have removed your number from our database". Instead i was told that "most of our guests are really pleasant".

I was also told "you're the first to complain. You can't please all of the people all of the time". I've never been treated with such unprofessionalism and rudeness from the hospitality industry before - especially when YOU ASKED ME to take time out of MY schedule to fill in YOUR survey so you could "improve your service" to guests going forward. It totally shocked me. But the more i thought about it, the more it fit - Dullstroom is expensive and arrogant, and really doesn't live up to its reputation. I'd do Nottingham Road before i did Dullstroom again any day.

So thank you Auldstone House, for cermenting an opinion i thought i might have been misguided in. I won't be back.


Donovan said...

I have a similar story but mine involves some stinky cheese, a motocycle and a elderly woman named Leretta .... ????

Anonymous said...

Too bad. What cruddy customer service. I've had some of my best times in Dullstroom; it can be one of the most peaceful, beautiful places in the country. Sorry to hear that your experience was ruined up by misleading marketing and rude service. I hope the rest of your weekend was better than that.

David G

@ngel said...

@Don - um...

@David, it is unfortunate - shows you what small mindedness can do for your business

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