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One of my favourite, favourite blogs ever is Color Me Katie, a blog written by New York artist, Katie Sokoler, detailing all the projects and activities she gets up to that brighten her world. Every time I read it, I feel inspired to go out and do exactly what she's doing, only it doesn't translate so well here. For example, riding the tube without your pants on. Love the idea. Won't work here. Colouring in the snow. Love the idea. Won't work here.

But I don't think that should stop me, and I've decided to take Katie's blog as a guide and inspiration - how can I colour up my world?
Last weekend I bought myself a bucket of giant chalk, to try Katie's chalk project. It didn't work nearly as nicely as I'd hoped because a) a quiet suburban road doesn't really have an audience b) tar is a LOT coarser on our roads than I realised.

But I still got to make a colourful rainbow for when we arrive back home :) Onwards and upwards from here!

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colormekatie said...

You are so sweet. I love the rainbow!!!

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