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csi goes trekkie

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CBS own the rights to both the Star Trek and CSI franchises, so it was natural (to someone obviously) that the two should cross over at some point. Especially with JJ Abram's massive Trek movie set for launch later this year, AND the sequel of the as-yet-unreleased movie already OK'ed by studio bosses.

Airing next week in the US, CSI fans will be treated to a Star Trek-themed episode of CSI complete with silly costumes. According to, in the episode Hodges and Wendy "run into each other at a science fiction convention for one of their favorite classic television shows that is not Star Trek and end up investigating the murder of one of their beloved actors."

There is also reportedly a fantasy-sequences of Hodges imagining himself "the captain of a starship that's not the Enterprise—though it has the Enterprise's sound effects and background score".

This one is definitely JUST for the fans...

Read the full story (and see the bizarre hair and outifts) here.

Update: watch the dream sequence trailer here - it's hilarious! Courtesy of warrenhallett.

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