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Zaha Hadid

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When we were in New York in 2006, we came across a vase in an Alessi store that Robin fell in love with. After a brief exchange with the sales assistant, we found out it was designed by a woman named Zaha Hadid, and that she was currently exhibiting at the Guggenheim museum right there in NY. The next day we took a trip out there to find out more about her, and so we stumbled on yet another amazing designer...

She operates primarily as an architect, and has been designing the most amazing buildings since the 80s (most of which couldn't be built at the time because they just didn't have the materials and know-how to put such fantastic creations into shape) but designs furniture, bags - just about anything. A true designer who can put her flavour on to any object.

I saw another exhibition of hers in London at the London Design Museum with a friend, and while I'd seen most of it already, she had a whole new floor of material that was just astounding. Aside from the couch I wish wish wish I could somehow fit into our home, there was also this set of cutlery. I love it. Besides the fact that it retails for $250 for a five piece set (!), I would be eating with them tomorrow if I could. :)

Other projects by Zaha Hadid:
BMW Plant in Leipzig, Germany
London 2012's Olympic aquatic centre
Opus, to be built in Dubai - pretty amazing
The Z Car - a hybrid car
Alessi vase - the one we have

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