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A few weeks ago, Robin took me to the golfing range to go hit my very first golf ball. I loved it! My little balls went shooting all over the place - anywhere but straight - and not at all far, but what fun! As a result, I decided I wanted to take up golf. Or at least give it a fighting swing.
Three weeks ago we found ourselves in a Pro Golf shop and there were SALES! I walked out with a full golf kit - my very own set of ladies clubs, a Puma bag and a little Puma outfit to match - not forgetting my little white glove of course. I was ready and set! Bring on the scorecards! Unfortunately, my one day swinging wildly on the driving range was still my only experience.

On Friday though, we went for our very first lesson. Robin to improve his game, me to start mine. After half an hour, and a few tweaks to what I had been doing, I can now swing a golf club, and get my ball to actually go some distance - and in a straight line! So it's started. I've embarked on my new hobby and I'm thrilled. We live next door to a golf course so what better time to take advantage.

Did I mention we also own Tiger Woods' PGA Xbox game, and a net a tee pad in our backyard for practicing at home...? :)

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