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wherefore art thou blogger?

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Ok, so it's been a while since I've done any blogging, but I had a complete freakout with blogger. We set up a blog at my office for everyone to post on and share ideas. Nice idea, yes. Until people started logging on to THAT blog and accessing my personal blog dashboard! Uh-uh! So I've been super conservative, and now only blog from my laptop. Here's my latest update...

It's three weeks until we go to New York. Colour me excited! It's getting insane - we've mapped out so many things we want to do, and they're all so exciting - it's starting to seem a little unreal. So far we've booked tickets for the US Open final, Cirque du Soleil, Yankees vs Tampa Bay Devils (yes, we're going to learn how baseball works), and I'm busy shopping for SpamAlot tickets. It's all just too much! Yeeha! As another little tidbit... here's where we're staying in vegas...

MGM Grand, Las VegasYup - that one you see in CSI all the time ;o)

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