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blockbuster hit "5"!

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M-Net recently did a corporate building type excersise like none I've ever seen, but which was pretty appropriate considering our industry. Each department had to create a 3 - 5 minute movie describing in an entertaining fashion what is it their department does. Sounds cool huh? Now consider all the departments at YOUR place of work - HR, finance, IT, marketing, catering - now picture their movies. It just got a lot funnier, right?
As New Media we had a pretty tricky task. How to explain to everyone what it is we do in the odd environment blanketed by the title "New Media"? And even trickier - how to include each person in a department of over 40 people - detailing what it is they do. Good grief! Well done to our script writers. Because of course we had to do all the creative, writing, filming, lighting, editing and wardrobe ourselves too! What was spawned was the new hit movie, loosely fashion on that TV show with Kiefer Sutherland in it, called "5"...

Newsflash we sent to M-Net

Watch the trailer.

Visit the movie page.

See the blog.

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