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harvey krumpet - i'm in love with claymation

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harvey krumpetThis is a most delightful little discovery. In fact I watched it twice the same day I bought it. In a row.
I'd never heard of Harvey Krumpet, but it seems it won an oscar - and in light of wallace and gromit's win I'll concede that might carry some merit :op
It's quite short - about half and hour - and narrater by Geoffrey Rush (the guy from Shine). In very simple claymation, and with wonderful little facial expressions it tells the story of Harvey - a polish man who finds himself alone in Australia. He has tourette's syndrome, one testicle, a metal plate in his head, becomes a nudist and he eventually develops altzheimer's.

'… Some are born great
some achieve greatness
and some have greatness thrust upon them
and then there are others……’

You HAVE to meet Harvey!

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