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cassette - the band
"Cassette is a new band from Joburg and they're named after tapes, because tapes are nice and you can turn them over manually and press play and fast forward at the same time to make a cool sound. You can't say the same for the sound of skipping CDs and besides, a band called Compact Disc would naturally be kak, which Cassette isn't."
~ Toast Coetzer

I'd heard of Cassette a while ago, but wasn't in any way prepared for the performance this group deliver. I think we've all become a little blah about local bands and music and Cassette are injecting a new and unexpected energy into the live music scene. Quite honestly, they're incredible to watch.
Jon Savage - the lead singer (in the picture above) - is as eccentric as an Elvis impersonator at a Bar Mitzvah. He walks on stage in his 70s suit and waist coat and blows your mind. He writhes, he squirms, he jiggles, he jives - and he's got a pretty good voice.
If you get a chance, you must see them. They remind you why you enjoyed going to see bands back in your teens.

My favourite track at the moment (yes, we have the album) is 'Love With the Light On'. It's melodic, the lyrics are good, and I can sing loudly to it while driving in my car :o)

They also have a pretty cool website.

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noodle said...

they sound cool, I'll listen out for their choons on the draadloos

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