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happy new year

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I can't seem to log in to, but thank goodness for smart mobile devices and their apps :)

Something new for you for 2011...

You may look at Facebook’s new profile layout and wonder why they bothered, but someone looked at it and saw inspiration…

When Facebook launched their new profile layout, French artist Alexandre Oudin saw it as a creative opportunity. Using Photoshop, and one can only assume a lot of time, Oudin cut himself a profile picture that fit in to all the available spaces – the traditional profile pic as well as the five new “recently tagged” photos. His resultant profile is pretty cool.

Schweppes have taken this idea and turned it in to a nifty Facebook app, the Schweppes Profile App, helping you to get the same affect but without the tedious Photoshop time. It’s quick, simple, sexy and – best of all – isn’t Schweppes branded. The user gets something they enjoy out of the application and Schweppes gains fans for their fanpage that they can communicate with at a future date.

Win win.

Source: we are social

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