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Blackberry, iPhone, HTC, Android - the battle of the smartphones is on! But what if you're not interested in mailing your clients in Japan while you're lying on the beach? Or creating a map that will lead you back to where you parked your car? Or letting the world know what you're doing, minute-by-minute in 140 characters?

What if you just want a phone? That takes calls and makes calls. And that's IT! Then John Doe Amsterdam's phone is just for you! A risky bet in the age of smartphones to be sure, it has no camera, no fancy ringtones, no GPS. What it does have, though, is pen and paper built in for you take manually write down someone's number. Yes, pen and paper.

For anyone who's ever felt the itches of technophobia setting in, this one's for you...

Written for Don't Look Down's Hit Refresh blog.

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