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A popular design blog, NOTCOT, recently put together an inspired competition for New York Design week - the first time I've seen twitter used so well, while staying in touch with the brand/ethos running the project. Welcome to #OBJECTHUNT.

Using silhouettes of recognisable objects in design (think the Aarnio puppy, Gehry's wiggle chair, Swiss army knife) NOTCOT created stickers which they posted around New York City for the week that New York Design Week was running. The idea was to track down the stickers and tweet an image of it along with the hashtag #OBJECTHUNT - every new object you tweeted was an entry in to the competition for some great prizes - weekends away, hotel stays and one of the design objects featured.

What's really incredible about this competition is that they've managed to tie a social platform in to real life in a creative way. It'll stick in people's minds, and they'll associate the brands involved with cool, fun and edgy. The key is to reinvent a platform everyone thinks they know so well.

Check out the #OBJECTHUNT stickers in the wild...

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