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So on Saturday, Simon tweeted that he'd come across some pretty obvious design rip-offs in a well-known SA store. Not on the side of the street or in a dodgy flea market, but in YDE of all places. Young Designers Emporium. 

"Out shopping & came acros this BLATANT RIPOFF of the @ brand @ YDE Canal Walk! pic#1 pic#2"

Those of us who follow and enjoy Simone Legno's work (Tokidoki) were pissed off and seriously disappointed that a large store who claim to be centred on original design would carry something like that. A tweeting crusade ensued. Well, I say crusade, but mostly Simon tweeted @YDEtweets and @Tokidoki a lot, and we re-tweeted everything he posted. The more eyeballs the better.
Today, he got his response... 

“@YDEtweets: @ @ After further discussions, the designer has made a decision to recall the bags.”
How fabulous is that? It shows the power of twitter and the power of our opinions. If three of us had walked in to a YDE store and complained about the bag to a store manager, I doubt much would have happened. But using a tool like twitter that has the potential to spread far and wide puts the brand in your hands. You now have a say in a brand's PR.

[as an aside, let's protect our designers and their hard work! tweet fakes whenever you find them!]


Authentic Design Alliance said...

Congratulations getting YDE to respond to your complaints. That's a significant outcome in only a few days!
We, the Authentic Design Alliance, have posted your story on our blog. Another site that might interest you is You Thought We Wouldn't Notice... .
Hope to see you uncover more of these cases.

The Authentic Design Alliance.

@ngel said...

ah, love your work! will keep an eye on YTWWN too - looks like a great way to highlight these annoyances

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