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hotel never everland

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A while back I blogged about the extraordinary Hotel Everland - a designer trailer perched on top of the Palais de Tokyo where patrons were able to spend one night in uber designer surroundings overlooking the Eiffel Tower. What bliss!
Well, I got to see the hotel while in Paris in May - colour me excited! You can't actually go in to the room (that much foot traffic would undoubtably ruin it), but it's a spectacular thing to see - and to imagine staying in.
It's supposed to be traveling the world from one exotic location to the next, so keep an eye out - you may just get lucky and find yourself in a trailer for two with a glass of bubbles! (oh I wish I may I wish I might)

The walkway leading to the trailer.

The bed, with bathroom just behind.

The lounge.

The view out of the main window.


Donovan said...
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Donovan said...

The most comprehensive blog Page thingy Ive ever seen (And Ive seen lots of them .... 3 and counting);)

Nadja said...

Have you seen these ones in Cape Town?

@ngel said...

they're totally cool! it's such a fabulous idea, i wander why no one's done it sooner. would have LOVED to have stayed in the everland

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