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A couple of months ago I stumbled on some very odd yet intriguing looking toys by a designer I hadn't heard of before - Kathie Olivas. After a little browsing and research I'm hooked! Her work is a combination of Gary Baseman (fine artist turning his very noticeable painted characters into colourful figurines) and Mark Ryden (with his intricately detailed paintings that make you look twice to see the macabre in them). It's beautiful and dark - perfect for the toy collector's world.

Her site is and the name alone perfectly sums up this latest collection. Children with metal jaws, gas masks, bear suits, straight jackets and zipper smiles.

"Her current body of work "Misery Children" is inspired by early American portraiture that often depicted children as small adults in an idealized new land, her characters parallel this vision within their own sense of post-apocalyptic conformity, uniquely documenting their own stories in a mysterious brave new world."

Her 3" inch toy collection is produced by MINDstyle and entitle The Scavengers - two series have been produced so far, and are largely sold out already. They're some of the most beautifully packaged toys I've seen, and I have two: Marabel and Brody.

While in Paris we came across an interesting piece. You could tell immediately who the designer was, but that's all I knew. After some deliberating, I bought her - Two-Faced Hazel (it takes some thought when you have to carry an awkward box around Europe with you and then on to a plane). And I'm so glad I did! Looking her up online, Two-Faced Hazel comes in very limited runs, only 200 of my version in particular.
She stands over 9" tall, wearing a gas mask on the back of her head while innocently sucking on a pink and white lollipop. She also stand on four stalks rather than legs. (As with all Olivas' work, it takes you a moment to realise this strange feature)

So now the dilemmas: I've started a whole new collecting craze (alongside my dunnys), and do I take her out the box or don't I? Ah, such troublesome thoughts on a Sunday night, how will I cope? :D

If you're at all in to vinyl art toys or modern, dark art, check her out: Kathie Olivas.

See more of her paintings here.

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