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moyo on sundays

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I love moyo zoo lake on Sundays. Their food is not nearly as glam or metropolitan as the moyos in town and melrose, but it's just such a unique setting. And it's flipping close to home. Their deco is beautiful, the outdoors expansive, and there's nothing better than whiling away an afternoon on one of their couches sipping chardonnay.
My usual culinary favourite is the chicken ... , but while there on Sunday last week (robin's family was in town) I decided to go with the buffet instead - we all did! And it was such a spread. What was meant to be a fairly quick bite to eat turned into a full afternoon of drinks, more drinks, and constant eating. I haven't had that many meringues in a while...

Sam, robin and moi

my new favourite picture of us


noodle said...

couches and chardonnay… good stuff

@ngel said...

we'll def do it next time you're here - you just have to stay for longer :)

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