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gloomy bear

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Gloomy Bear is unlike any character to come out of Japan you may have seen before. He's cute, he's pink, and he's attacked and maimed his owner :ol
He's so bizarre. He's so cute and cuddly, and yet dangerous and crazy-like. In this cartoon, Pity (the little boy) dreams of all the things he's going to do with his new favourite pet, Gloomy. But Gloomy's reaction is anything but cute and cuddly - he knees Pity and sinks his teeth into the back of his head!
Robin brought me a vinyl Gloomy from London, and he's brilliant - he's got blood splashes all over him, and red plastic blood dripping from his mouth.
Gloomy is designed by Mori Chack, and has become a major franchise in Japan, much like Hello Kitty - but darker. He's the Hello Kitty for a generation that can now see the world clearly as a pretty dark place, where not everything works out the way you planned it. He's sitting next to my bed at the moment :o)

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