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david brent rules!

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We recently finished watching my DVD set of The Office. It took Robin all of 2 episodes to get into it. And it really is like that - compelling in a cringable squeamish kinda way. But even we couldn't handle too much David Brent in one weekend. Robin made an interesting observation - that the Christmas Specials finish it off too neatly. That they tie up too many of the loose ends and emotions. On reflection though, we've decided you HAVE to watch it with the Specials. It was those that made the series for me. Otherwise it was just a series of embarrassmentsThe Office at the hands of one of the strangest characters in TV history. Including Basil Fawlty. Make some time and watch The Office - with the Specials. You'll appreciate the script in a way no Amercian sitcom can surprise you. David Brent is just too much. Gareth makes me laugh. I like Tim and Dawn.


noodle said...

The Office really is one of the best out there. I have to say I really enjoyed the Christmas specials, especially the last one. Brent was a real outcast by that stage and in that last scene when they take the pic, and he makes them laugh… as sad as he is, its still all okay ya know?
I just hope you watch Scrubs - so underrated.

@ngel said...

Absolutely! Love scrubs - Dr Cox is my favourite. And "newbie" will forever be

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